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Repairing Lamps and Lighting Fixtures in Roseville, Michigan

Lamps may seem deceptively simple, but as soon as part of one breaks, you will discover how complex they often are. Whether your issue is cosmetic or mechanical, Cook’s The Lamp Shaders Co. can provide the restorative service you need to make your lamp shine bright again. We offer lamp repair throughout greater Roseville, Michigan, and our shop offers the best repairs available. From a quick fix to a full restoration, our team of professionals is ready.

Common Problems

There are many problems that can cause issues with a lighting unit. A broken part may compromise the electrical connection or outdated wiring may make it unusable. We can also convert European lamps, drill glass, crystal or ceramic as well as replace parts. Bring your lighting to us if you need to fix these and any other problems. We work in the convenience of our own shop, and some of the problems we most commonly encounter with lamps and lighting include:
  • Low voltage
  • Outdated wiring
  • Broken filaments

Comprehensive Restoration Service in the Oakland and Macomb Areas

Nothing is worse than finding a beautiful vintage lamp and discovering it does not work or having a lamp in your own home suddenly stop working. If you have been faced with either of these situations, there is help available. Cook’s The Lamp Shaders Co. specializes in repairing broken lamp parts for clients throughout Roseville, Michigan, including Oakland, the metropolitan Detroit area, St. Clair and Macomb. We offer the best professional lamp repair and sales in these areas, so if you are in need of lighting, trust us. Call 586-778-4002 or visit us for more information on how we can restore your lamps.